About Me

Hello, and welcome to my website!

In the spirit of transparency, I will make every effort to illuminate your life with information that brings clarity, confidence and direction to your decisions around your personal finances. Too much of what is given as “education” around the subject of money is either irrelevant to the vast majority or it’s beyond the ability of the consumer to understand ( deliberately?) when it could be beneficial, thus leaving us hobbled in the best efforts we’ve been making to manage this mysterious element, Money.

Let’s make this a conversation, too. I am also going to learn along the way as I struggle to strike the match & light the lamp for our path. I have made a fair number of mistakes before arriving where I am now. I will share those, and encourage you to share yours- “social proof” for he good of the rest of us, evidencing that to err is indeed human.

The venture begins….

A place to learn about how to make your money life smarter